Sunday, January 15, 2017

There wasn’t just enough love -
In your eyes, my love, for me to blush
my songs have now fallen into a hush

the strings of my guitar has rusted
with the melody of the song busted

I often think why did it not last long
I hear very often my heart pull a song
That croons –

There wasn’t just enough love
There wasn’t just enough love

My love…

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Last night as we made love
draped in the breeze  
Our hearts were tugged
You were mine forevermore

Why wouldn't the time freeze?
Take a pause
for us to count the beats of our hearts
To fathom the depths of our love

Let the night croon
‘bout the love bites
that ran deep through our hearts
And, of the love which seeped out

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image courtesy: Pexels

Sunday, January 8, 2017

मोरे साँवरे, मोरे ललन
काहे  करत मोरे संग अठखेली

शाम सलोने नटखट चकोर
मनमोहक तेरी ये मुसकाहट

तरस रहे मोरे नयन
छल कर ले जाऊँ तोहे वापस मोरे आँगन 


Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Video Courtesy: AJ's collection

Saturday, January 7, 2017

कबूल कबूल कबूल
से शूरू हुई थी
कहानी उनकी, मद्धम मद्धम

सूरज चाँद तारों के बीच
बदलते गए मौसम
खुशहाल थी ज़िन्दगी

फिर एक दिन
आई शाम साँवरी इतराती
अँधेरा फैलाते हुए

गरज के बरसने  लगे अंगारों की तरह
तलाक़ तलाक़ तलाक़
 अब  साँसें उनकी

फिर जो हुआ न पूछो, ग़ालिब 

 रातें  सुलगती नहीं थी उनकी
और सवेरा धुंधला सा था

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Monday, January 2, 2017

प्यार मेरे,
नहीं किया है महसूस 
  इस दुनिया को तूने 
मेरी आँखों कि रोशनी से

महसूस किया होता अगर 
इस दुनिया को तूने 
इन आँखों कि रोशनी से
तो आज होते नज़रिये  एक हमारे
यूँ ना बंटते ये रास्ते हमारे

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2017

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

 Not every day dawns into such a day
Where, the sun is sober
The waves splash devoid the froth
The breeze I hear
Croons a song of her valour

At the dusk, I see
On the moonlit sky
Her eyes
that flutters like those of a village belle
Her lips
Which quivers for the love of her life
Her heart
that throbs to be embraced by him
To walk her into the euphoric galaxy of love

But now,
She’s cold
She’s frozen, with no emotions
Clad in a blanket of soil
Yet, yearning for a touch
From her beloved
Who lies oblivious of her presence
Next to her

How I wish,
I could play the cupid
To unite them
In their slumber
Only to see that serene smile on her face
Once again.


Video CourtesyRendezvous with Simi Garewal Jayalalithaa

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2016

PS: We have only been talking about her grit and the valour with which she has driven the state and the politics. View this video, and you will find a beautiful lady with such captivating smile and a melodious singer who also loved life but never got an opportunity to live the way she had dreamt. Jayalalithaa has been buried next to the memorial of Dr MGR, her mentor, off Marina beach.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh my, my
It was a scandalous morning
I sat up on my bed 
wrapped up in a blanket
I was cold
I was frozen
And, I was hustling to find
That which was missing;
I ran to the corners
I took a plunge underneath my bed
It was getting on my nerves

Oh my, my
These daring brazen rays
Flirting with my naked skin
Lampooning and poking fun
I climbed up the shelves
Checked-out through the window
Trust me, will you?
It was getting on my nerves big time
Yet, I couldn’t find those.

Where are my boxers?
My blue, blue boxers
The one which wrapped me last night

Oh, yes! I recall
I was drunk, I was tipsy
And, I wore them, the boxers on my head
Instead of my Hat, Oops!

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 2016
Image courtesy : Aj's album