Monday, May 22, 2017

आज होंठ मिल ही गए उससे, ग़ालिब
और, बदनाम में हो चला

होंठ मिले उससे
 तो पता चला की नशा क्या है

तब आई वो
इतराते, मुस्काते
अखियां छलक गई
और दिल काँप उठा

उसकी नज़ाकत
उसका प्यार
और उसके ज़हरीले धोखे
नज़र मुझे आए

फिर  भी करता हूँ प्यार उससे
गहरा,  जितना है ये नशा
घुली है वो नस -नस में मेरी
जैसे ज़हर

तब तक,  जब तक  होश न रहे
आग़ोश में न ले वो मुझको

पिऊंगा में
टोको न कोई, रोको न कोई

आएगी वो एक दिन
जनाज़े पे मेरे
देखूँगा में तब
क्या लिपटी होगी वो कोरे सफ़ेद में
या होगी वो लिपटी रंगीन गुलाल में

Copyright @ Ajay Pai  22nd May 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017

थम  जा ए वक़्त, ठहर  जा
जीना अब नहीं  उसके बिना 

है वो नूर मेरे दिल-ए -जिगर  की
कैसे जियूँ उसके बिन ये बता

धुंधला सी  गयी है अब हंसी मेरी 
रुलाके चल न देना कहीं

ये जो आलम है मेरे दिल का
 पहचान ले तू यारा

ये धड़कन अब है मोहताज तेरी
हालत  ये तू  जान ले

बिन वजूद घुट रहा हूँ
तेरे बिन इस चौराहे पे

अगर ये हवायें पहुंचा दे 
उस तक मेरे दिल की खामोशियाँ
शायद, इकरार फरमाएंगी तब
उसकी नूरानी अखियां

Copyright @ Ajay Pai  8th May 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

It is 1 am
And, I am sitting’ straight
On my bed waiting for you
The night has grown darker
and, I am up for you

silent is the night
and, empty is my glass
won’t you come home
and, pour me some red wine

sneak-in, hushed
I’ve left the door ajar
let us make some hay
When the night is dark

Touch me once
kiss me twice, make me yours
and, i'll whisper into your ears
tender silent moans

Copyright @ Ajay Pai 
May 7th 2017
Image courtesy: Pixabay 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

At the edge of my life
Is where I stood
Hopeful were my eyes

Simply then,
Like every fairy tale
There she came, ominous

At her arrival
Horrendous, were the screeches
Of the unborn in the wombs;
Young mothers were scooped of
Their bosoms

On the carcass
Of compassion she stood
With her heels piercing the flesh
Of humankind

Her violin
Zigzagged between
Melody and harmony

At the end of the ballad,
she declared
With three cheers
Peace restored.


Copyright @ Ajay Pai
 02nd May 2017
Image courtesy: Pixabay

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Like those daffodils
Which sway in the breeze
Swing me in your arms, girl
Just like those daffodils
swing me..

It was just the other day
Not so very long ago
You sang me a song of love
it was the day
 when those daffodils bloomed

Sing me once again
That very song, of daffodils
And of love, where the breeze
Sway us just the way it did
to those daffodils

Let us glow
Let us shine bright
Just the way a daffodil does
As you sing the song of love

Swing me in your arms, girl


Copyright @ Ajay Pai  April 28th 2017
Image Courtesy: AJ's personal collection

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Let me tell you something
Mm, tell ya all somethin’
That something
Which will drive you crazy
You’ll raise an eye brow
Drop a jaw;
Listen ya all
Let me blow into your ears
This secret.
A cringing secret, a dark secret
A well-kept secret
but, my lips are sealed.
Hey, Girl
Kiss my lips, a wet saline kiss
And steal this secret;
Kiss me will you?
Else, I shall spill the secret .


Originally published on October 26, 2016Coimbatore on my FB page.
Steal a secret - A fun song that has to be sung with a tinge of naughtiness / Or, should the tone be of cockiness?
(I have edited this song umpteen no. Of times).

Copy right @ Ajay Pai 2016
Image Courtesy: AJ's personal collection

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Statutory warning: Drinking they say is injurious to "Your" health (not mine) People in their right senses not to read this poem.

Hic-a-one, hic-a-two, hic-a-three
no, hic-a-four, no
stop, stop, stop
I feel ticklish
there’s a belly in my fire
and, I dance
and, I laugh
and, there’s a belly in my fire

I plead to the girl
in the polka dotted dress,
to help me
arrange these words?
How do I fit my belly, in my fire?

she smiles
she swirls her polka frock, walks, says, I am tipsy
And, there’s my belly
And, the fire
I am jumbled
where do I fit my belly, in my fire?

I hear a bear in the beer
And, the beer says,
hic, hic, hic
And, a chic…chick

Oops, i'll come back tomorrow
to do the lines
As of now, i am just

Copyright @ Ajay Pai  4th April 2017
Image courtesy - AJ's personal collection